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What is ethical hacker & penetration tester?

Ethical hacker also called penetration tester or sometimes called a white hat hacker and ethical hacking menace that where a person hacks to find weaknesses in a system and then usually patches them and providing more security so no other person or hacker can hack system or theft data.

This course design by inspire cyber security which is useful to providing knowledge of three course first Certified computer &data security expert, second certified computer forensic & investigator, third certified network & system security expert so all courses knowledge you can get in this course.

Our courses stands to secure Indian population to safe guard from threats of virus, web hacking,android phone hacking, smart phone hacking, facebook account hacking, twitter account hacking, whatsapp account hacking, online bank account hacking, ATM hacking, website hacking, Wi-Fi hacking, blue tooth hacking, computer system hacking, electronic data hacking, network hacking. this courses or content is teaching inspire cyber security only for education purpose