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What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime is a term that covers criminal activity done using computers and the Internet. These types of crimes include cyber stalking, phishing, child pornography, phishing, spamming, email hacking, android phone hacking, smart phone hacking, facebook account hacking, twitter account hacking, whatsapp account hacking, online bank account hacking, ATM hacking, website hacking, Wi-Fi hacking, blue tooth hacking, computer system hacking, electronic data hacking, network hacking, virus.

Cyber crime threats and security tips:

Child Pornography

Child pornography means any visual depiction like any photograph, film, video; audio, photos has been created, adapted, or modified for a sexual purpose, of sexual activity with a person under the age of eighteen years it is called. […]

Security tips:

  1. Set clear rules for Internet use and some time sit with your child.
  2. Tell to your child not share personal information likes their real name, address, content number, or passwords with people they meet online.
  3. Talk with them about online adult content and given them information about child pornography.
  4. Protect your child from pop-up windows by using the pop-up blocker software.
  5. Protect your child from spam mail and not to response given to spam mail and use mail filters.
  6. Always using tools like monitoring software and content blocker and also check browser history.
  7. Always use social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp only for communication with family and friend but not use communicating with strangers.
  8. Always hide personal details like phone number, friend contact list, photo of profile pictures.
  9. Always take security measures like privacy settings and set the limited view of your profile.
  10. If any problem creates like given presser or if someone uses bad language so tell your parents.

Cyber Stalking

Cyberstalking is crime in which the hackers or cyberstalkers harasses a people though electronic communication like email, social media, chat rooms, facebook, whatsapp, SMS,MMS,Blogs,Photo sharing sites. […]

Security tips:

  1. If cyberstalkers harasses you so inform parents or a trusted adult person.
  2. All evidence collect like number, date and call time and record of voice and given that document to Internet service provider so more information you can collect.
  3. If any cyberstalkers send mass mail so you can create new email id and make privacy setting.
  4. Good privacy protected software purchase and monitory make in your computer.
  5. Make good password of your facebook, twitter, gmail, cell phone, administration password in your computer.
  6. All our personal photos, document, cell phone number cannot upload in online and not to give any unknown person.
  7. Always updates your security software.
  8. Not given any person to your personal information like Id, password, photo, family member photo.

Denial of service Attack (Dos attack)

Denial of service attacks menace that involves flooding with useless traffic on networks so admin being unable to access the service of network or computer system. […]

Security tips:

  1. Install and maintain anti-virus software
  2. Firewalls are important devices on a network so it protect network so install it.
  3. Make email filters so t helps you manage unwanted traffic.
  4. The Requestreadtimeout half open connections more aggressively sources of attack.
  5. Making rate limit so your router to restrict your Web server being overwhelmed.
  6. More tools available in internet which can restrict certain client behaviors and thereby mitigate DdoS problems.